What Kind Of Fish Can I Keep in a Bowl?

A bowl does not provide a proper environment for any kind of fish. Bettas and gold fish are both commonly kept in bowls. though both suffer from it.

The Problem With Bowls

There are a few major problems with bowls

  • Bowls generally do not hold much water.  The small volume of water results in quick changes in water parameters like temperature, ph, ammonia, nitrite and nitrates, which can stress the fish.
  • Bowls do not have filters which allow for efficient cycling of ammonia produced by the fish.
  • The geometry of bowls generally provide a small surface to exchange Oxygen and CO2 between the water and the air.

If I Don’t Use A Bowl, I Won’t Have Space Or Money To Keep A Fish

Using a bowl and knowing that it’s not appropriate for fish is like adopting a dog knowing that you have no where for it to run or play – making it live in a cage.  Fish are live animals that have specific environmental needs to keep them healthy.   If you are unable to provide the right environment for a fish, you should not be keeping fish as pets.

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